I’ve spent this weekend working on xsbt-coveralls-plugin and have now released version 0.0.3.

The updates are:

In the process of making these changes, I’ve learnt that TaskKeys (rather than Commands) are usually the best way to go for SBT plugins and as a result xsbt-coveralls-plugin 0.0.3 uses TaskKeys rather than the Command used in 0.0.2.

I found this out as a result of wanting to allow users to configure the plugin via Settings in their project’s build.sbt file. I had no idea how to achieve this, so turned to stackoverflow for help with this question. The answer from James prompted me to read up on SBT TaskKeys (there is good documentation here and here). The final confirmation I needed was this post on the SBT mailing list which was coincidentally posted by Heiko who ran an Akka course I attended earlier this year.

Thanks for all the feedback and bug reports - keep them coming!

What’s next for xsbt-coveralls-plugin?

  • SBT 0.13.0 support on a branch
  • Ironically, the project’s own code coverage has dropped a bit, so look to get that back up.