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  1. Plant Watering with Arduino - Part 2

    13 Jan 2013

    Tim commented on my recent blog post about my automated plant watering system and asked if I could go into some more detail about the steps I went though to set up the software side of the project. The project used cube and cubism to make live charts of my chilli plant’s moisture levels available over the Internet. In this post I will go though a step-by-step guide explaining how I set up the software that powered these charts. I’ve tried to write the article for readers with no previous experience of server administration or software development, but I have thrown it together faily quickly, so if anything below is unclear, then do post a comment below and I will try to fix it.

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  2. You May Want to Drop that EC2 Micro Instance

    02 Jul 2012

    A few months ago I wrote a blog post about gotchas when deploying applications to Amazon EC2. Despite not developing anything for EC2 at the moment, I learnt a new one today. It all started when I received a bunch of emails from Cloudkick (the monitoring system I mentioned in my previous post) stating that the API I had deployed there about a year ago was timing out. So I SSHed in to see what the deal was.

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  3. Amazon EC2 Gotchas

    01 Apr 2012

    Amazon EC2 is pretty awesome. In under a minute you can fire up a server in the cloud and SSH in. The SSH access combined with the fact you can run your choice of OS, makes it much more flexible than other cloud platforms as a service, such as Heroku, Google App Engine and Cloud Foundry. The down side is that there is a lot more configuration to do, so it is probably going to take a little longer to deploy your app, than it would with Heroku.

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